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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Christmas Card 2015

I can't believe Christmas is only six more sleeps away! Seriously though, every year I feel as though I try my best to prepare for the big day and without fail there's always some last minute rushing around that still needs to be accomplished. Case in point, my Christmas cards have yet to go out. I'm vowing right now to get these suckers out in November next year. Wishful thinking? Typically every year we do a professional family photo shoot and from that session we select a few images to go on our Christmas Card. However, this year we had a lot going on and as a result our family ritual feel to the wayside. The photographer in me wanted to set up a Christmas scene and snap a photo of my littles but who am I kidding....ain't nobody got time for that! Then it dawned on me. This summer I snapped a photo of Mason and Emory that I adore. We were at their Mema and Poppop's beach house at the Jersey Shore. While waiting to walk the four blocks it takes to get to the beach, Mason and Emy were patiently sitting on the stairs outside waiting as Sean and I packed up our Wonder Wheeler (by the way, if you're a beach bum like me this is the best invention ever for a family - we fit our whole life in this thing!). Upon glancing at the kids, I thought to myself this is the perfect time to snap a picture as there was no wrestling or headlocks going on. I quickly pulled out my iPhone and asked Mason to give his sister a kiss. The result was so sweet. My heart melts a little every time I look at this image of my two children. I think the placement of their hands is so genuine and natural. Again, the photographer in me is coming out. When printing our Christmas cards or invitations, I typically use Shutterfly or Tiny Prints. In my opinion, the selection is always stellar and both choices allow you to stack coupons. Did I mention I'm a sucker for a good deal? For this year's Christmas card I went with Tiny Prints. The caption on the card reads "Love is Everything," and I have to agree...love really is everything.


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